Module type Bool_lit_intf.S

module type S = sig .. end

type t 
type payload 
Additional data carried in the literal
val compare : t -> t -> int
val equal : t -> t -> bool
val hash : t -> int
val dummy : t
Value that should not be used
val neg : t -> t
Negate the boolean literal
val sign : t -> bool
Current sign of the literal (positive or negative)
val abs : t -> t
Literal without its sign
val norm : t -> t * bool
norm l = abs l, not (sign l)
val set_sign : bool -> t -> t
Set the sign of the literal to the given boolean
val apply_sign : bool -> t -> t
apply_sign s lit is lit if s, neg lit otherwise
val make : payload -> t
Make a fresh literal with the given payload
val payload : t -> payload
Obtain the payload
val to_int : t -> int
val fresh_id : unit -> int
Make a fresh ID. Use with care.
val pp : t CCFormat.printer
module Set: CCSet.S  with type elt = t
module Tbl: CCHashtbl.S  with type key = t